A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The game currently requires that your computer can use OpenGL ES 3.0

It is highly recommended to use a controller. My keyboard is terrible and I barely do any testing with it (except for inputting debug commands and making sure they actually do things), so the default keyboard controls are pretty bad.

*Tl;dr: If you played the DD21 version, not much has changed. Some bug fixes and a more complete options menu is really all that's different.

Things that I can remember that changed from DDXXI:

  • Fixed an ancient bug where entities can be pushed if they should not be able to be pushed in specific conditions
  • Increased Internal Resolution from 400 x 240 to 640 x 360. Some things probably broke that I didn't notice.  Also adjusted things so if the resolution changes in the future, it should just werk.
  •   Options menu added; You can change various options in there. Also Keyrebinding for Keyboard/Mouse/Gamepad. Note: Left Click acts a little funny at the moment when trying to bind to it, can be solved by clicking away from the buttons.  I am also unable to determine how to use Button 4 and 5 (possibly more) for potential mouse binds.
  • The boss menu should let you pick difficulty now. The other things don't actually function yet.
  • Game should remember previously set options after closing.
  • Pressing F3 while in the boss room will bring up the Debug text correctly now.
  • Improved ground checking a little bit.
  • The pause menu now has the options menu integrated into it.
  • The help text at the bottom updates in most of the menu now.
  • There was an attempt at a Linux version. (It works, I think? Tested with Ubuntu)


  •     Fixed bug with crouch and using the special attack button with [Red]
  •     Left stick on controller now works
  •     Made more menus that don't do anything darker to indicate it does nothing
  •     Fixed another crash bug with [Elemental Earth] (Might be one left but I can't seem to reproduce it)
  •     Fixed the [Drill Type-R] attack from [Elemental Earth] not acting correctly when it is coming back (Would pick a spot way higher in the air)

It's like the DD21 version except with slightly more features. Video games killed me so I didn't get much done compared to the previous version.

*While I can export this to Mac, I currently don't have a way of testing it. If you are using that OS and don't mind it being completely untested, just ask. ///////////////////////Default Controls - Gamepad //360 [Mysterious other controller] [Red] Jump - A [X]

Attack - X [Square]

Attack(Special) - Y[Triangle]

Dash - RB [R1]

Pause/Menu - Start [Start]

Daijoubu - RS [R3]

[Blue] Jump - A [X]

Attack(Physical) - X [Square]

Attack(Magic) - Y[Triangle]

Right Dash - RB [R1]

Left Dash - LB [L1]

Pause/Menu - Start [Start]

Daijoubu - RS [R3]

//Temp How to Do things

Usually you can do a different move by pressing one of the attack buttons + a direction; (Left/Right + attack is the same as pressing no direction + attack) The bar below the Green HP bar is for the Special/Magic attacks

[Blue] moveset somewhat explained:

Magic + No direction/Left/Right - A basic 3 hit attack, does multiple hits and gets stronger with more hits

Magic + Down - Ice hocky puck. Can be hit to move around. Has negative launching properites on explosion (so an enemy in the air will fall downwards). After exploding, it leaves a small AoE that does tick damage for a while until it disappears

Magic + Up - Hold the magic button to increase the distance of this attack. Has launching properties. Will try to force itself to the ground.

Physical/Standard Attacks Restore the MP bar (For both characters)

[Blue] is able to wall jump by holding a direction towards a wall (to go into wallhug) and then pressing the jump button. [Red] can not do this.

/////////////////////Default Controls - Keyboard


Up - W

Right - D

Down - S

Left - A

Jump - Space

Attack - L

Attack(Special) - K

Dash - E

Pause - Enter


Up - W

Right - D

Down - S

Left - A

Jump - Space

Attack(Basic) - L

Attack(Strong) - K

Dash Right - E

Dash Left - Q

Pause - Enter


Z - Accept

X - Decline

Arrowkeys - Move

(You can also use a mouse)


[Placeholder Title] DDXXII Version v2 Linux Edition.zip 10 MB
[Placeholder Title] DDXXII Version v2.zip 9 MB


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I'm not good at feedback but I wanted to try anyway. Got something recorded but turns out that my mic is dead so have this instead. 


Edit: forgot to say that I enjoy your progress. You are doing great

Thanks for playing. I made updates to the game to fix some of those things listed. I'm not sure if the crash I fixed with the boss is the same thing that caused your crash though; it appeared to happen at a different time compared to the other crash and I can't seem to reproduce it.