A downloadable game for Windows

The game currently requires that your computer can use OpenGL ES 3.0

It is highly recommended to use a controller. My keyboard is terrible and I barely do any testing with it (except for inputting debug commands and making sure they actually do things), so the default keyboard controls are pretty bad.

Things to do:
Run around
Run around and jump at the same time
Do some basic moves
Bully a sandbag
Get hit by the Sandbag, but not die
Experience buggy slopes; I've attempted to fix them as much as I could but I'm sure there are things that I didn't find
You can press the pause button and a pause menu will pop up that does nothing at the moment except attempt to look fancy, and pause the game

It's like the DD14 version except somehow with less features.
///////////////////////Default Controls - Gamepad
//360 [Mysterious other controller]
Jump - A [X]
Attack(Basic) - Y [Triangle]
Attack(Strong) - X [Square]
Dash - RB [R1]
Pause/Menu - Start [Start]
Daijoubu - RS [R3]

/////////////////////Default Controls - Keyboard
Up - W/Up
Right - D/Right
Down - S/Down
Left - A/Left
Jump - Space
Attack(Basic) - L
Attack(Strong) - K
Dash - E
Pause - Enter


Placeholder Title DD20.zip 9 MB


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Great graphics, great gameplay as always. Love the pause menu's look. Hopefully by next time we can see some of the old bosses you had in the newer engine.