A downloadable game for Windows

Changes that I can remember since XIV:

  • Fixed issue with the air dash buffer not working properly
  • Fixed issue with slide causing you to stand for a single frame
  • Fixed issue with sliding reacting weird when trying to exit it in specific conditions
  • Added a partially completed pause menu
  • Added the badges menu (Badges don't do anything yet, but you can mess around with pressing them)
  • Added Key items menu
  • Added Consumables menu and ability to use quickslots
  • Added Gameover and revival menus
  • Gave the Ice Boss an idle animation [It's chilling in the debug room doing nothing]
  • Re-added the lightning attack moveset
  • Adjusted some text in the tutorials
  • Added [Elemental Earth] boss; You can reach it by going through Character Select -> Bosses
  • Fixed up the boss menu a bit
  • The ice hockey puck can now be hit with more things

Warning: Gamepad is recommended. My keyboard is bad and I don't do a lot of testing with it.

Note: The pause menu and Boss menus do not have mouse support currently.

Double Note: Badges currently do nothing


  • Fixed issue with pause menu crashing because my past self was lazy
  • Fixed two (2) crash bugs with lightning attacks
  • Removed the ability for sandbags to crash the game
  • [Elemental Earth] no longer makes his arms vanish when it notices you are playing with a keyboard


  • Fixed issue with keyboard rebinds not working properly with specific buttons
  • Some fixes to tutorial buttons not updating when keys were rebound


  • Default keyboard controls should now work. If they don't set them to default
  • Fixed being unable to bind things like shift/escape/alt/control for keyboard controls


  • You can now daijoubu while using the keyboard

///////////////////////Default Controls - Gamepad //360 [Mysterious other controller] //You can change most of the controls in the options menu.

Jump - A [X]

Attack(Standard) - Y [Triangle]

Attack(Magic) - X [Square]

Attack(Special-Magic) - B [Circle]

**Dash(Left) - LB [L1]

**Dash(Right) - RB [R1]

Switch(Left) - LT [L2]

Switch(Right) - RT [R2]

Pause/Menu - Start [Start]

Map - Select [Select]

Daijoubu - RS [R3]

///Not Rebindable

Menu(Accept) - A [X]

Menu(Decline) - B [Circle]

Move - D-Pad or Left Stick [D-Pad or Left Stick]

Quickslots - Right Stick [Right Stick]

/////////////////////Default Controls - Keyboard

Up - W

Right - D

Down - S

Left - A

Jump - Space

Attack(Basic) - L

Attack(Strong) - K

Attack(Special) - J

**Dash(Left) - Q

**Dash(Right) - E

Switch(Left) - R

Switch(Right) - F

Pause - Enter Map - M

Daijoubu - V

Quickslot 1 - 1

Quickslot 2 - 2

Quickslot 3 - 3

Quickslot 4 - 4

Menu(Accept) - Z

Menu(Decline) - X

//Not Rebindable

Menu Movement - Arrow Keys

You can also navigate the menu with a mouse. Keybinds currently don't support mouse buttons however.

** - Dash types can be changed in the Gameplay menu under options. The standard type of dashing will always make you go in the direction specified, while the second type of dashing will always make you backdash unless you press the direction you want to go and uses the [Left Dash] button.



Placeholder Title - DD16 vFINAL.zip 3 MB


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Great options menu, alright tutorial with contextual tips that do not disappear but this particular font is hard to read at times. Didn't find any bugs or issues with the gameplay, gomen. With that said, gameplay seems pretty fast, smooth and fun. Player still has way too forgiving hitboxes and those hitboxes are just squares, not befitting any animation. I'd not have you change them based on difficulty, so give them a little tweak to correspond with their animation. Good luck on this game.

High speed gameplay mixed with some pretty indepth combat mechanics makes for a super satisfying game. I love the speed at which the character moves and the various attacks you can perform with just the ice magic alone is really fun.

Best placeholders ever, by the way.