A downloadable game for Windows

There was a net loss of progress compared to the previous version, as the majority of the work was just attempts at making the game look more pretty and a ton of game refactoring. A lot of things are currently disabled and all you can do at the moment is bully a sandbag and move around in some rooms.

I'll start adding sound effects in the next version I swear.

Warning: Gamepad is recommended. My keyboard is bad and I don't do a lot of testing with it.

///////////////////////Default Controls - Gamepad
//360 [Mysterious other controller]
//You can change most of the controls in the options menu.
Jump - A [X]
Attack(Basic) - Y [Triangle]
Attack(Strong) - X [Square]
Attack(Special) - B [Circle]
Dash(Left) - LB [L1]
Dash(Right) - RB [R1]
Switch(Left) - LT [L2]
Switch(Right) - RT [R2]
Pause/Menu - Start [Start]
Map - Select [Select]
*Daijoubu - RS [R3]

///Not Rebindable
Menu(Accept) - A [X]
Menu(Decline) - B [Circle]
Move - D-Pad or Left Stick [D-Pad or Left Stick]
Quickslots - Right Stick [Right Stick]

/////////////////////Default Controls - Keyboard
Up - W
Right - D
Down - S
Left - A
Jump - Space
Attack(Basic) - L
Attack(Strong) - K
Attack(Special) - J
Dash(Left) - Q
Dash(Right) - E
Switch(Left) - R
Switch(Right) - F
Pause - Enter
Map - M
*Daijoubu - V
Quickslot 1 - 1
Quickslot 2 - 2
Quickslot 3 - 3
Quickslot 4 - 4
Menu(Accept) - Z
Menu(Decline) - X

//Not Rebindable
Menu Movement - Arrow Keys

You can also navigate the menu with a mouse. Keybinds currently don't support mouse buttons however.

*Note: The Daijoubu button currently does nothing.


Placeholder Title - DD14.zip 2 MB

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