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Changes since DD11 that I can remember:

  • Reverse Sliding
  • Crouching Physical attack (Sliding no longer restores MP)
  • Crouching versions of the special moves
  • Specials can now be canceled with other attacking moves at any time
  • Wall versions of moves that were missing
  • Wall-jumping changes (again x5), press jump while hugging wall to jump off it
  • Up-Physical on the ground now gives you a bit more control while moving in the direction you are facing
  • You can now change directions mid attack string in multi-staged moves (1-2-3 attacks, etc.), it does not work mid animation however
  • Movement control refactoring
  • Air Dashing - You can only air dash once before it runs out and you touch the ground again, but using a jump kick and successfully hitting something with it will reset the count
  • Janky Mouse Support in most menus
  • [Elemental Ice] finished
  • [Shade] Now has a longer delay between attacks in later phases
  • [Cyan] has some move adjustments and a new move
  • HP potion nerfs
  • First iteration of Fire mode
  • Lightning Warp improvements
  • Possibly better tutorials
  • Some more sound effects
  • Fixed a bug with spamming items
  • Redesigned demo day room; Boss doors now have a menu pop up displaying information about the boss and it enables you to modify your HP/MP up to specific points
  • Added some commands to the dummy room

Known Issues:

-I broke fullscreen mode somehow; it's stretching pixels for some reason I don't fully understand yet.

-Mouse support is janky as fuck and does not work on the game over, feather, and mostly boss menu (it works on the arrows though). It will probably break really badly somehow.

-Default keyboard controls are still garbage


-Fixed (hopefully) bug with ice block during [Shade] fight


-Fixed issue with [Cyan]'s ice mine causing a crash

-Fixed issue with attacking then randomly turning around mostly from the left


-Fixed issue with game over screen using wrong keybind for accepting

-Enabled more mouse support for Gameover, Feather, and Boss menus

-Various bug fixes


[Placeholder Title] - DD12 v4 - END.exe 4 MB
[Placeholder Title] - DD12 v3.exe 4 MB


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I always look forward to this game and how it evolves