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Changes since DDX that I can remember:

  • Modified the buffer system extensively (Yell at me if it feels worse); should be able to do actions quicker from the hurt state for instance
  • Down-Ice can now be moved by hitting it
  • Up-Ice should now stop moving when it hits a wall [Mostly]
  • Up-Ice can now be used on thin platforms
  • Added Menu Accept/Decline buttons
  • L/R stick support (tell me how bad it is); so now you can move with either the D-pad or one of the sticks (If enabled to do so)
  • Up Physical and Up-Air Physical are now multi hit moves and only launch on the first few frames
  • Trying out newer enemy tell system
  • Added the first part of the rival fight - [Cyan]; [Cyan] can be juggled around like a regular enemy but it has anti-bully mechanics
  • [Shade] now has a short delay before doing any attacks, to give you time to react
  • [Shade] - Can now jump kick off of the boss; Changed the tell for Fire Pillars so you can see how high it hits beforehand
  • Enabled use of most items, including the Auto-Revival item; Some items have an item cap
  • Enabled use of Quickslots
  • HUD changes to have space for the quickslots
  • Pause menu remembers the last menu you were on when you close it
  • Equip is changed to Item, The key-item menu is for things you can't do anything with
  • Added some 'armor'; each part increases DEF by 1; You will never completely ignore damage however
  • Enabled jump-kicking off of ice-blocks
  • Added Wall Attacks
  • Modified Wall-jumping [again], should be easier to do now maybe
  • Added a timer in the top right when you are fighting a boss
  • [Menu] - You can now hold a direction to make the selection move faster
  • Added the Lightning Weapon; It has a special melee function [Note: it can not be used in the Shade/Cyan Rooms, as those represent the parts of the game where it is impossible to have this weapon
  • Something probably broke somewhere, like in the tutorial, maybe, I don't know (it's a wonder that attacking training dummy doesn't break completely)


  • Fixed issue with being unable to rebind gamepad controls from options menu from main screen
  • Enabled movement while shooting in the ground lightning state


  • Fixed issue with game crashing when a specific projectile hits the ice block
  • Added hitbox I forgot to add


  • Fixed crashing with chest on left side


Jump Kicking: Can be used to bounce off of enemies

Jump + Down

Jump + Down + Left/Right

The lightning weapon can be used to go to the other side of a hitable object when used in melee range.



Placeholder Title - DD11 v4.exe 4 MB

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