A downloadable game for Windows

Changes since DD9 (That I can remember):

  • Side Attacks Removed
  • Charging Removed
  • Magic Attacks are now based on button press instead of release
  • Magic Attacks now carry your horizontal momentum in the air
  • Up-Ice modified to be less shit
  • Down-Ice is now a mine (1st iteration, will probably change massively over time)
  • Wall-kicking changes (again)
  • Iceblock is now activated by using [Special]
  • A bunch of Iceblock changes and fixes
  • You can now cancel most things with a jump or crouch
  • You can now immediately go into a slide from dashing (Press down while holding the dash button)
  • Hitstop mostly implemented
  • *New* hit effects
  • Blue is now blue (mostly)
  • Mimic temporarily removed for a complete rework
  • New Boss
  • Tutorial
  • You can now change your keybinds in the pause menu
  • A new sound effect (Tell me if it is annoying)
  • Options menu in the pause menu has more functionality than before
  • Text at the bottom of menus are now possibly helpful instead of placeholder text

Note: This still has only been tested on a Windows 7 computer. A controller is recommended but it doesn't have stick support yet so you'd have to use the D-Pad.

Also I made a tumblr for some reason.

Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Placeholder Title -DDX.exe 3 MB

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