A downloadable game for Windows


  • Basic shapes like rectangles with guest appearances from non-edgy shapes
  • No sound effects or music, for maximum immersion
  • Ok actually there is one sound effect
  • Not getting hit while pausing
  • An enemy with a lot of hp that doesn't do anything
  • Don't try to kill it nothing happens
  • Two (2) Save rooms
  • Rooms that are empty and don't actually do anything
  • Bugs
  • A really shitty knock-back system
  • Some non-intuitive controls
  • Indecisiveness on wall-kicking controls
  • Rushed Content
  • A not very good fullscreen mode

Install Instructions:

  1. Click on the .exe
  2. Complain if it doesn't work
  3. Complain the game is shit

Note: This has only been tested on a Windows 7 computer.

Uninstall Instructions:

  1. Delete the .exe
  2. Complain the game is shit


Attack/Magic + Direction does a thing. Attack/Magic with no direction does another thing. It's like smash bros, I guess. Neutral attacks can be used multiple times in a row.

Magic is based on release of the magic button, as it can be charged. However there are no charging functions implemented yet.

If you see a !, press whatever you have set to "up" to interact with it.

To equip a thing, go to the equip menu and press the "jump" button. Unequip is the same way. This also works for using items, but there are only 2 usable items currently and they don't have anything fancy going on with them yet, menu wise.

Down + Dash[Left or Right Edition] is sliding. It only goes in the direction you are facing currently.

The Daijoubu and Map buttons don't do anything currently.


Placeholder Title [DD9 ver 2-1].exe 3 MB

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