A downloadable game for Windows


  • Basic shapes like rectangles with guest appearances from non-edgy shapes
  • No sound effects or music, for maximum immersion
  • Ok actually there is one sound effect
  • Not getting hit while pausing
  • An enemy with a lot of hp that doesn't do anything
  • Don't try to kill it nothing happens
  • Two (2) Save rooms
  • Rooms that are empty and don't actually do anything
  • Bugs
  • A really shitty knock-back system
  • Some non-intuitive controls
  • Indecisiveness on wall-kicking controls
  • Rushed Content
  • A not very good fullscreen mode

Install Instructions:

  1. Click on the .exe
  2. Complain if it doesn't work
  3. Complain the game is shit

Note: This has only been tested on a Windows 7 computer.

Uninstall Instructions:

  1. Delete the .exe
  2. Complain the game is shit


Attack/Magic + Direction does a thing. Attack/Magic with no direction does another thing. It's like smash bros, I guess. Neutral attacks can be used multiple times in a row.

Magic is based on release of the magic button, as it can be charged. However there are no charging functions implemented yet.

If you see a !, press whatever you have set to "up" to interact with it.

To equip a thing, go to the equip menu and press the "jump" button. Unequip is the same way. This also works for using items, but there are only 2 usable items currently and they don't have anything fancy going on with them yet, menu wise.

Down + Dash[Left or Right Edition] is sliding. It only goes in the direction you are facing currently.

The Daijoubu and Map buttons don't do anything currently.

Published Jun 21, 2016
TagsCasual, Erotic, Metroidvania, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Placeholder Title [DD9 ver 2-1].exe 3 MB

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